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How to travel with cupcakes and cakes

There aren’t any snakes on a plane, but it there might be cakes on a plane! Everyone loves a holiday, no one more so than a hard-working cupcake, but freshly baked cakes are delicate things and they can be transported only with care.


We have compiled a few tips for those wishing to transport their cupcakes a little further than across London and Surrey from our bakeries.


General cake transportation tips: 


  • Ask in-store for our plastic cupcake box inserts, which will fit gently around the cupcakes and keep them from moving around in their boxes.


  • Be mindful of the temperature as it can affect the cake’s stability. If it’s warm or in direct sunlight, frostings can melt and cake layers can slide, so try to keep the cakes as cool as possible. On a very hot day, you might want to take two freezable ice packs with you to pack around the box.


  • Try not to shake, rattle or roll your cakes in their boxes. The weight of the frosting makes cupcakes top heavy and they will naturally be liable to flip over in their boxes. If you find your cupcake flipped in their boxes, this is the reason why; it is not because it has been placed in upside down. Keeping the cupcake box as steady as possible and avoiding any knocks will help to keep them upright.


  • Place the bag or box on a flat and stable surface, don’t place it on top of anything.


  • Get another pair of hands to help you. Having someone there to help you carry cakes will make it much easier to negotiate any other luggage and tickets you have to deal with.


  • Have a peek inside the box from time to time to make sure your cake is holding up. Minor frosting smudges can be corrected on arrival, but just check nothing is starting to slip around or flip over.

Travelling with cakes in a car 


  • If transporting cakes in a car, be very careful when driving. They are less likely to slide around when you take a corner if you place the bag in the passenger foot well of the car and remember to keep the temperature as cool as possible.

Travelling with cakes in a plane


  • We don’t recommend flying with cakes, but it is possible if the country you are flying to allows it. Most solid foods, such as cakes and cupcakes, can be taken in carry-on hand luggage on planes, but it is important that you check with your airline first. Always check the customs regulations of the country you are flying to so that you are sure that your product is allowed.


  • Food items could require security screening and cakes are very susceptible to damage on long journeys. The overhead lockers can store cakes, but it is worth speaking to the staff aboard the aircraft to help you.


  • Be aware that any separate jars of jams and jellies to go with your cake are classed as liquids and would need to be under the 100ml limit and packaged suitably.


  • Australia, New Zealand and other countries have very strict rules about food and dairy products coming in from other countries. Do not attempt to take any prohibited items through customs, no matter how delicious they may be – it is not worth a fine!
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