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How to Core and Fill Piñata Cupcakes

Since we started making new Piñata Cupcakes, an M&M’s filled cupcake topped with buttercream frosting, we’ve had a few questions about how to fill and core cupcakes at home.

There are a few methods for scooping out the centre of your cupcakes and it really depends on whichever one you prefer.


Once you know how to core out the middle of your cupcakes, you’ll be filling your sponges with delicious chocolates, jam, custard, peanut butter, caramel and more.

Most readily available…

Take a small knife, ideally like a vegetable paring knife, and use this to cut a square shape in the centre of the sponge. Then pinch the square of sponge in your fingers and pull. This will release the sponge centre. You can then trim the square of excess sponge to fit it back over the centre before adding frosting.


If you have an apple corer…

Apple corers work well but it might cut a slightly smaller hole than you need, so these are better for when you want to fill your cupcake with something like jam or peanut butter. Just press down into the centre of the sponge, twist and pull back out. This will take a chunk of sponge with it and leave a hole.


If you have a large piping nozzle…

These can be useful if you’ve got a set of piping nozzles. Simply use the wider circular end and twist into the sponge to create a hole.


For those with all the kit…

You can buy specialist cupcake corers which tend to be small plastic gadgets that allow you to twist a circular core of sponge out from the middle with ease. Don’t feel you need to invest in one unless you plan on making these sort of cupcakes regularly as other tools work just as well.


If you’re filling your cupcakes, a piping bag or a squeezy bottle both work perfectly well. If you’re filling with chopped fresh fruit, for example, a small teaspoon will work fine.



Piñata Cupcakes and Piñata Cakes


Our Piñata collection of cupcakes and layer cakes brings a new element of fun to your favourite American baked flavours.

Rainbow Piñata Cake

Layers of rainbow sponge filled with M&M’s topped with customisable buttercream vanilla frosting or chocolate frosting.

Party Rainbow Piñata Cake

Our Rainbow Piñata Cake featuring a rainbow sponge and customisable shades of vanilla frosting or rich chocolate frosting filled with an M&M’s centre covered in rainbow sprinkles.

Vanilla Piñata Cake

Fluffy signature vanilla sponge topped with your choice of vanilla frosting colours filled with M&M’s.

Chocolate Piñata Cake

Rich chocolate sponge covered in irresistible chocolate frosting filled with an M&M’s centre.

Piñata Cupcake Selection Box

A selection of vanilla and chocolate sponges topped with vanilla buttercream and covered in rainbow sprinkles with secret M&M’s centres.


All our Piñata Cakes can be customised with additional writing at the online checkout for a personalised finish.


Order these freshly baked goodies online only for delivery or free collection in-store and shake things up with these irresistible secret M&M’s centres.

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