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Cake care: transporting cupcakes and cakes


Getting your precious cupcakes from A to B safely is an important job. Our bakers are here to help with their top tips for keeping your cakes in perfect condition in transit. Watch our Cupcake Care video over on our YouTube channel here.  


I purchased cupcakes from your bakery and they have been placed in upside down! What’s happened?

Our cupcakes are never placed upside down by our staff. This is not possible to do as all of our staff use tongs to box up products, which naturally hold the cupcakes the right way up as they are carried from the tray to the box.

The reason cupcakes are upside down when the box is opened is that they have been knocked and have become dislodged from their fitments.  

Why do cupcakes overturn in their boxes?

Due to the weight of the frosting and the lightness of the sponge, cupcakes are naturally very top heavy. When the cupcakes sustain a knock, they can overturn easily.  

Why doesn’t the box secure the cupcakes completely in their place?

Anything more secure would damage the cupcakes themselves by squashing the delicate sponge or frosting. Our cupcakes and cakes are delicate handmade products and need to be carried with care (unlike similar products you would buy off the shelf).  

How can I avoid turning over my cupcakes in their boxes?

Be sure to carry the box upright. Don’t knock or swing the bag; this is enough to upturn the cupcakes inside. Be careful not to rattle or roll the box or the cupcakes will tip over and get squashed. Watch out for others who may knock your bag of cupcakes, particularly if carrying it down a busy street or on public transport.  

Can I transport my cupcakes by car?

Our delivery vans are specifically kitted out to ensure our cakes are safely transported. We recommend that if transporting any delicate baked goods by car that the cakes are secure or held by a passenger.  

I don’t have a cupcake carrier or special box, how do I transport cupcakes I’ve made?

A muffin tin or cupcake tin with individual holes will work well when covered in foil. The foil is essential to prevent them from slipping around. Simply cover your muffin or cupcake tin in foil and place the finished cupcakes into the holes. If you have large amounts of cupcakes it is possible to transport them in shallow cardboard boxes, provided you don’t mind the cupcakes touching.

If you are choosing to use a cardboard box, just make sure that it is strong enough to take the weight of the cupcakes without sagging or bending – those dainty sponges can be surprisingly heavy. Alternatively, you can pipe a small dot of icing beneath the cupcakes in a cardboard box and while the icing is still wet press the cupcakes onto the cardboard. The icing will go sticky and help to keep them in place.  

Can I use a specially designed cupcake carrier box?

There are lots of plastic cupcake carrying boxes specially designed for the purpose of transporting cupcakes without damaging them. These are available at bakeware and cookware shops and online. We recommend using these if you plan to transport cupcakes regularly.    

Are there any more tips you have to help transport cupcakes and cakes safely? 

  • Frost and decorate the cupcakes a few hours in advance and keep them in a cool place. Freshly frosted cupcakes can be easily damaged. If the frosting has had a little time to set it will be less likely to get squished. The heat from the kitchen can also cause frosting to melt, which makes transporting them more difficult.
  • Try to limit the space the cupcakes and cakes have to move around in. Packing cupcakes in a box close together will stop them from slipping around.
  • Cover your cakes with a loose lid if possible. This will add a protective layer to prevent damage. Just make sure that the lid isn’t touching the cupcakes, or it will cause more harm than good!
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