Working at The
Hummingbird Bakery

We believe in inclusivity, in developing individuals and in fostering talent within the baking industry. Hard work and loyalty are rewarded across the company and we seek to promote internally where possible to invest in the careers and future of those in our team.
Training Opportunities
Training is just like baking a cake. With the right ingredients, we can help individuals rise to their potential!
We value training not only as a means to progress our staff members within their roles at the bakeries, but also to give them the joy, satisfaction and personal growth that career development provides.
Did you know...
...68% of our Branch Managers started their careers as Team Members with us? We love nothing more than to see our staff reach new heights with us.
Our goal is to lead all our employees on their path to improvement and happiness. Good training provides new skills and perspectives and ultimately makes our teams better at their jobs and more confident in their abilities. We also like to make it a fun and informative learning environment.
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